This 8 week 1:1 fast-acting programme is for Entrepreneurs ready to SkyRocket your Success! Accelerate Client Attraction | Release Core Abundance Blockers | Step into your Future Abundant Self


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EVERYTHING is ENERGY, including your thoughts, feelings, emotions & intentions. When you Align with your Authentic Self you transform your relationship with yourself, your view of the world, and the people & experiences you attract. 

This program IS for you if…

  • you already have the biz strategies and systems in place that feel aligned for you - HOWEVER there is something else holding you back from your ultimate success and you don't understand what it is (hint - it's emotional, not strategic)
  • you are ready to dig deep and get to the root of the matter so that you can finally and permanently break free from your Core Abundance Blockers
  • you are ready to truly break free from Imposter Syndrome
  • you want to Speak in the Spotlight, on stage, virtually or in person with unshakeable confidence, ease and flow
  • you are ready to permanently break free from any toxic past relationships that are still unconsciously impacting how you show up AND how you react to certain people in your life
  • you have experienced a severe money trauma that unintentionally results in you making financial decisions from a place of fear and uncertainty - you are ready to permanently release this!

This program is not for you if…

  • you are looking for another biz strategy or mindset programme - this is very different and results in fast acting permanent breakthroughs by rewiring the unconscious part of your brain, BEFORE symptoms are even created!
  • you are looking for hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP or other methods that work with creating change AFTER your emotions have already been released
  • you believe not feeling good enough to be where you are or want to be is part of your core identity (hint... it is not), and don't feel you can ever change (yes you can!)
  • you are ok with staying in comfortable discomfort OR you are waiting for that 'perfect time' before being truly ready to start your transformation
  • you are not ready to invest time and money in yourself
  • you are looking for a one size fits all self-paced programme

My WAVES Framework harnesses the power of advanced neuroscience technology & energy codes to create your Ultimate Success from the inside out 


Gain permanent freedom from your Core Wealth Wound that has been sabotaging your Ultimate Success. This NeuroBreakthrough Session releases secret 'lack & scarcity' programming originating from your Core Wealth Wound. Experience freedom to embody and step into next level financial flow & abundance.


Let go of old outdated programming from unhealthy toxic past relationships. Break Free from Imposter Syndrome so you stop feeling like you don't belong, are not good enough or that you are going to get 'found out'. It's time to start feeling, thinking and acting as the powerful woman you really are, ready to claim your space and create the life you truly desire!


Ignite Your Speaking Superpower! Excellent for Speaking live on Camera and on Stage. Say goodbye to feeling your throat tighten or stomach clenching anxiety or dread. After this NeuroBreakthrough Session Speak in the Spotlight with Clarity, Confidence and Conviction. There's never been a better time to start booking that TEDx talk.... just saying ;)


Creation always happens from the inside out. Everything is Energy. Carve a huge YESSSSSS in your energy field when it comes to feeling safe and abundant. Energy Codes anchor in your authentic true self so you start living from a place of alignment. Raise your energetic vibration so you become the energetic match for the life you desire and are actively creating.


It's time t0 Unleash your Future Abundant Self. Feel more than enough, worthy and deserving to be the next level version of you. Ignite & Embody the version of you that’s in Abundance Overflow 🙌🏻✨

I was introverted and shy as a child and spent years reading self help books. I became obsessed with books combining science with spirituality. 

After years of keeping myself hidden enough was enough! Dissolving into a flood of tears in Ann Summers of all places was the undeniable sign that something needed to change. I had tried various modalities to break free from whatever was holding me back however nothing had worked. I needed something a lot deeper. I had believed that there was something fundamentally wrong with me for over two decades. I desired to create fulfilment, freedom and flow in my life. Through my search for a solution I became a BWRT advanced practitioner and Energy Codes Facilitator.

My mission is to share this incredibly powerful fusion of neuroscience and energy codes with people who have already tried almost everything, are at the point of giving up and staying in comfortable discomfort, but intuitively know they are meant for so much more, and are ready to go all in one more time.


"I came to Claire because for much of my life I have struggled with feelings of imposter syndrome and not feeling good enough. I’ve had a lot of psychotherapy over many years and other methods (eg, CBT, reframing thinking, tapping) which have helped me to a degree, but this fear was still there, preventing me from reaching what I know is my potential. I reached out to Claire as I was hopeful she could rewire this thinking pattern. Working with Claire was great, I felt instantly at ease, she is very warm and has a lot of empathy. Immediately after my session I found it difficult to think the same old thoughts around “not feeling good enough” so I am very pleased! So much that I have come to Claire for further work around rewiring other old negative beliefs. I would definitely recommend Claire." Sarah

"I honestly felt a lot of shame and sadness about my trigger... it felt very painful. After the session I felt excited! Exactly like my desired feeling. The issue that I came with is gone! Like magic really. This trigger was occurring 5+ times a day and now I'm feeling excited and uplifted instead. The impact this has on my mental and emotional wellbeing has been amazing! I feel like a new woman and that I will be able to expand due to this being changed. I can't thank you enough Claire! It's been feelings have transformed and I'm so grateful! " Kathy Bell

"I could feel emotion held in my throat. The sensation felt like I was not fully expressing myself the way I wanted to.  Claire was able to target the sensation to help release this stuck energy. I felt really good after the session. I really did feel something had shifted. Rewiring the way we feel about an experience is really powerful.  I understand that the physical sensations in my body can be transmuted and they do not need to stop you from doing what it is you are  meant to do in this world.  I would highly recommend working with Claire. As a coach it is important we seek support from others to help us on this journey in making a positive impact in the world."   Lorna MacPhail

My friends and loved ones see the difference within me. It’s actually quite remarkable. I feel calmer in general, the most content I have ever been and I feel set free from all the thoughts/beliefs that kept me contained for all these years. I can freely and confidently speak up in meetings and in groups without going bright red and stammering. I go about my day with my head held high, feeling good and feeling confident without any negative thoughts about what people might see or think about me, it just doesn’t enter into my head anymore.” TR

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